North Carolina Sports Betting: Super Bowl Dreams Deferred

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North Carolina flagLegal sports betting in North Carolina is currently experiencing a significant setback, leaving the state’s die-hard sports fans waiting in expectation to be able to legally bet on games in time for the Super Bowl. The North Carolina Lottery Commission made this announcement and said that sportsbook operators must submit their applications by December 27. Still unknown, though, is the critical launch date for sports betting in the state.

A major obstacle has stood in the way of the commission’s goal of having sports betting coincide with the Super Bowl: they realized that the legal and foundational work would not be finished in time. “While the commission is committed to making sports betting available…that unfortunately won’t be the case” for the 2018 Super Bowl, Lottery Commission Chairman Ripley Rand said in a public meeting.

Extended Timeline and Regulatory Procedures

With a clear mandate for the commission to create an extensive sports betting program by January 8, 2024, North Carolina formally legalized sports betting last year. However, a 60- to 90-day review period is required due to the complexity of regulatory processes, which include background checks on important persons and firms. As a result, it seems that sports fans won’t be able to start sports betting until late February at the most. Due to this development, the commencement date is now later than the originally anticipated February 11th.

The commission has made it clear that the declaration of a go-live date is contingent upon the timely filing of applications and the formulation of proposed rules, even if the legislative mandate specifies June 15, 2024, as the deadline for the introduction of online sports betting. Chairman Ripley Rand has underlined the commission’s commitment to making sure sports betting is introduced effectively and complies with the strict regulations set by the state, notwithstanding the delay.

Application Procedures Approved Uniformly

The Lottery Commission recently met and overwhelmingly cleared the application processes for prospective sportsbook operators looking to open up shop in North Carolina. Operators must gather substantial paperwork attesting to their compliance with state legislation, as the state has imposed high standards. In the next weeks, the state’s sports betting website is expected to be merged with an application gateway.

Sportsbooks are required to obtain agreements with large venues and professional sports teams in North Carolina prior to the application deadline. These places will serve as the actual sites of physical sportsbooks. Four professional stadiums are permitted by law to have in-venue sportsbooks, while temporary sportsbooks are permitted at some locations for certain events.

Commission Gives Its Best to Comply with Regulations

Chairman Ripley Rand has stressed that the commission is operating quickly to comply with regulations in spite of the delay. The number of license applicants, the conclusion of the initial regulation process, background checks, and the independent testing laboratories’ certification of the software and equipment will all play a part in determining the go-live date.

Although there have been difficulties along the way for North Carolina’s legal sports betting, the state is unwavering in its resolve to put in place a strong and lawful system. Even though there isn’t a Super Bowl this year, sports fans in North Carolina are excited about the day when they can legally wager on their favorite teams as the regulatory environment develops.

Author: Eugene Gray